Maturidi's teachings – struggle of enlightenment against ignorance

Maturidi's teachings – struggle of enlightenment against ignorance

Samarkand hosts International Conference on “Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi and teachings of Maturidia: past and present”.


The delegation led by the Head of Al-Azhar Complex, Grand Imam of Egypt, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, more than 70 ulema, Islamic scholars, heads of prestigious education institutions and research centers from Germany, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan arrived to attend the conference.

It was noted that the international conference dedicated to studying the edifying life, rich scientific heritage of great theologian Abu Mansur Maturidi, who was recognized as Imam of the Right Path, who fought against ignorance through enlightenment, will help preserve true values of Islam and further strengthen partnership between Islamic countries.

The breakout sessions included reports on such topics as personality and religious views of Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi, ideological basis of Maturidism, new sources related to Kalam School of Maturidi, importance of Imam Maturidi's views in protecting women's rights and radicalization process in cyberspace.

The conference will continue its work on March 4.



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