The Department for Information-communication Technologies and Relations with Foreign Mass Media, and Archive and Information

The Functions of the Department:

- to create a comprehensive list of countries, and their respective museums, scientific and research institutions, archives, libraries, funds, and private collections where Uzbekistan’s cultural wealth is kept; 

- to create the database and the classification of cultural wealth kept in the aforementioned organizations in accordance with the national and international standards by utilizing the benefits Information and communication technologies;

- to make the best use of Internet resources while creating the register of Uzbekistan’s cultural wealth;

- to update the database on a regular basis;

- to organize different events and conferences overseas and to utilize Internet to globally publicize and widespread the results of the research on cultural wealth brought to our country;

- to organize the exhibitions of Uzbekistan’s cultural wealth located in foreign museums, research institutions, archives, libraries, funds, and private collections, in the territories of these organizations